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Is My House Too Dirty For A Cleaning Service?

Once you book your appointment and wait for the cleaning services to arrive, you realize that your house may be a little too cluttered.




Is My House Too Dirty For A Cleaning Service?

Let's be honest, it is the 21st century, and everybody is busy, to say the least. All people do these days is go to the office, try a work-life balance, and when they finally get home, duty calls, the couch, we mean. And so the responsibilities of keeping their homes cozy and neat fall on the last place in their priority list. That is where cleaning services come to the rescue with their magical tools and nimble hands. Once you book your appointment and wait for the cleaning services to arrive, you realize that your house may be a little too cluttered. Let us discuss if your home needs to be cleaner for a cleaning service.

Before getting into the discussion, let us quickly list and define the types of house cleaning services.

There are numerous types of cleaning, such as Domestic, Mini, Upkeep, etc. The main types, however, are Regular cleaning and Deep cleaning. Because this blog will focus more on those two types of cleaning, let us quickly define them.

Regular cleaning - This cleaning typically calls for two or three hours. It involves routine house chores, hence the type name. Those include but are not limited to vacuuming the floors, mopping them, and dusting and wiping decorations and surfaces. Regular cleaning also involves the overall cleaning of bathrooms and kitchens, as well as changing beddings.

The Regular type of cleaning is the perfect fit for apartments because they are generally smaller properties.

Deep cleaning - This type of cleaning is broader than Regular cleaning. You only need one example to distinguish between those two types of cleaning. When it comes to Deep cleaning, the mopping has to be done exceptionally flawlessly. Emoppers must collect every piece of dust and spiders you did not even know were there.

Deep cleaning is usually the right choice for larger properties, especially ones with pets.

The number one reason people think their house may be too dirty for a cleaning service is the discomfort of revealing their personal space.

It is common to order a nice greasy dinner on Friday night and leave cleaning the dishes until the following day. But a hangover cure is more crucial at that point in time.

In the day and age of social media, where everything is depicted perfectly, houses should also look fantastic. When the reality does not match the media, individuals tend to think they might be doing something wrong.

Of course, that is not the case because the reality is far from the media, and only some people are fond of prioritizing cleaning their space. The truth is that if people live in a specific area, it will inevitably get cluttered, just like Thanos is inevitable.

And sometimes, the home needs to look better after tidying up. For your sake of yourself, it will only do you good to reach out to cleaning professionals.

In short, cleaning services are beneficial for the time being as well as in the long run. The cleaning professionals will surely provide excellent advice on organizing your utensil drawer, for example.

Secondly, people think their clutter will take away from the effectiveness of cleaning.

This is the second reason one may do a little clean-up before professionals arrive. It is human nature to desire a decluttered and clean space as a homeowner.

Everybody wants their space to resemble a Pinterest board somehow. Hence, these homeowners feel distressed when anybody comes across their cluttered rooms, even professional cleaning services.

The people that provide you with cleaning services are not there to judge. Instead, they view your place as their document, something they see much of in a single day. Thus, it is no surprise for them; you should not worry.

Whatever their eyes see is confidential between them and you. Professional cleaners will understand that day-to-day life is imperfect and normal.

Third, homeowners must be aware that they may use the wrong tools and products to clean their houses.

Professional cleaners state that one of the biggest reasons houses get messy is their residents need to utilize the appropriate tools for cleaning.

As already mentioned, professional cleaning services also come in handy in the long term. They will show up at your door with the best products to ensure exceptional results. However, they also have the option to ask you to buy a recommended product list.

Make sure not to miss any items when you make your purchases so the cleaning agents leave you satisfied. This will also save a lot of time on both ends. That is because the cleaning professionals will already know the quality of each product and the way to use it.

Homeowners might need to learn how much time is required to clean their house head-to-toe and be happy with the result. 

However annoying it sounds, there is no set time for cleaning homes. Proficient cleaning services are exceedingly custom-made administrations. Home cleaning administrations come in different sorts, such as standard, deep cleaning, green cleaning, sanitization services, move-out, or basic cleaning.

In addition, you can tailor your administrations to involve components of diverse cleanings. Those can be mixing sanitization services and deep cleaning.

Every house is unique in its aura and setup. That is basically why there is no method of specifying a time frame for cleaning a house.

The approximate estimation comes from previous experiences of cleaning services.

You are paying for a certain number of proficient cleaning hours, which can impact your desired cleaning level.

Property owners seeking a deep-clean home should contract proficient cleaners for a more extended time. Besides, the more clutter, the longer the time.

Rectifying your home to an extent will lessen the workload for professional cleaners. They will clean anyway thoroughly, but you can help them a little bit.

Fixing up your house can also lessen the cleaning cost. Also, you can get what is in your control out of hand. The bigger and more complex tasks will be for the professional cleaning service people.

Homeowners need to be made aware of the expectations of home cleaning services. 

For example, when you ask for a standard cleaning service, you must realize that cleaning inside the refrigerator or washing the dishes does not come with it. If you need those steps to be added, you will instead go for deep cleaning.

For better understanding, the following services come with a standard cleaning: emptying the trash, disinfecting the kitchen table, making your beds, dusting the window sills, etc.

When asking for a home cleaning service, be honest about the cleaning your house needs. It is clean before you ask for a service. But you want to be happy with the result.

So, if you are expecting your dishes to be done and your microwave to be cleaned from the inside and out, then specify it.

Still, it is always helpful if you can do the basic tasks on your own before the cleaning services arrive. That makes the job easier and draws a distinct line between your personal space and the service you are asking for in your home.

For example, you need your kitchen sink to be cleaned. If it is filled with endless dishes, the attention goes to the plates instead. Doing the dishes is a simple, easy, and minor task. So if you get that one out of the way, the sink will be the shining star.

And, of course, there are other ways to be of help as well. Cleaning professionals do not have to move or lift heavy pieces of furniture.

So, if you want your favorite grey couch underneath in the living room to be left spotless, offer to lift it. Once the cleaning is done, once again, be handy in situating the furniture piece back in place.

Homeowners subconsciously think professional cleaners will judge them when they see the clutter.

Let us make it clear; professional cleaners are there to help you. Your home got dirty? So what? Let it be the biggest disappointment of your life.

It is understandable to miss a few spots when doing your weekly cleaning or even a week or two. Professional cleaners know that there may be better activities than sanitizing the floors on a workday evening with a packed schedule.

And, as already mentioned, cleaning professionals see so many messy homes where they do their job. So, no house is going to stand out with its clutter level. Instead, you may stand out by being friendly and asking for a service.

More importantly, humanity thought of services for people to utilize them. So, there would be no point in any service if shame was supposed to be involved.

Lastly, homeowners think their homes are too dirty for cleaning services because of their perfectionism.

Having a perfectionistic lifestyle and mindset applies to everybody and everything you come into contact with. You want to ensure that it is delivered to everybody and that you have everything together.

But instead of supplying that message to cleaning services, you can ensure that you get your house ready for a productive cleaning session.

Your top priority should be getting organized. As we already went over, getting the small tasks ticked is not only helping cleaning professionals but also your perfectionism.

You can fold your laundry, collect your favorite fuzzy blanket from the dining room chair, put your makeup brushes away from the vanity, etc.

If you have pets or children, ensure they are either in a different room or location. As cute as they are, they can elongate the overall cleaning process not only by being adorable but by simply pulling cords and taking cleaning tools.

And, of course, you may want a specific area cleaned that a cleaning professional did not think about. That can be the record player that nobody sees on top of your wardrobe. This is why proper communication is crucial when asking for home cleaning services because nobody knows your place better than you do.

Still hesitating? Let us put the long story short. Your house is not too dirty when you ask for a cleaning service. However, being attentive when choosing the type of cleaning service is essential. In that case, it will be ensured by both parties that the result matches the expectations. That way, you also avoid unexpected cost rises. That said, good luck with choosing your home cleaning service type! 

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