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Frequentlyasked questions

Never worry about what to do about frequently asked questions. Everything you need to know about frequently asked questions is located here.

Is Allclean a cleaning service?

No. Allclean is a marketplace for cleaning services

Is it free?

For customers/users, it's completely free of charge to order from the app/web. In most cases it's even cheaper than if you book it directly from cleaning companies.

Is Allclean responsible for cleaning service quality provided by Partners?

No, we don't take direct responsibility for the quality of provided services. But we are providing an additional layer of warranty for our users. We do detailed vetting of Partners before integration. Moreover, our mission is to bring transparency to the market, so before choosing the specific Cleaning company offer you can analyze them by rating and real reviews from other customers.

Is there any card payment option?

Yes. You have multiple ways to pay with Allclean.

Are the prices based on an hourly rate?

No. All of the prices are FINAL, so it becomes predictable for You how much would you spend on cleaning.
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